Hipodroomi Quarter combines residential homes and businesses.

The total development includes 350,000 m² of residential and commercial properties, new infrastructure, roads, and communications. Tallinn’s newest and greenest hub is a gateway to new opportunities. Meant for people who value their time!

Built in the first stage are

5 residential buildings with 107 apartments.

Hipodroomi Quarter will include 1000 new homes, with gorgeous views of Tallinn Old Town and the sea.

The Quarter features four commercial buildings with total volume of

130 000 m²

One of the commercial buildings of Hipodroomi Quarter will also become the largest office building in Estonia. There is room here for all companies, regardless of their size or field.

Hipodroomi Quarter is one of the most valued areas of Tallinn.

Hipodroomi Quarter is in an easily accessible location, making it a prime spot for one of the most attractive and high-quality residential developments of Tallinn. Neighbouring the new Quarter is a large park with many sporting opportunities. Just a short walk and you can find yourself at Stroomi beach. The promenade, which runs from Paldiski mnt to Merimetsa road, will feature parks, natural recreation areas, and a pond, offering residents plenty of quiet relaxation opportunities.

Rocca al mare

The history of Hipodroomi Quarter dates to the 18th century

Summer estates began to spring up around Paldiski road, and the area near the beach became a place for entertainment. Hipodroom (the hippodrome) was opened in 1923. Among the remaining historical objects, the former trotting track of the Hipodroom can be perceived spatially. The gate pavilion, inspired by the shape of the old gatehouse, functions as a grand introduction to the promenade.

The market square has a landmark clock, inspired by the history of the area. The old stable building also claims a place of pride. In addition to the larger spatially impactful elements, the spirit of the area is also carried by smaller forms and the lights of the promenade.

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